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Our Mission

APSU GIS Center is located in Clarksville, TN near the APSU University Campus, but we also provide services to surrounding counties.

APSU GIS Center has been serving businesses for 24 years, and we’ve continued to have the same mission in mind.

As professionals in mapping, spatial data, mobile applications, desktop software, and more, our mission is to provide small businesses and counties the best value for limited resources.

Some projects we’ve done consists of custom-made maps that may be displayed online or hardcopy, drone mapping, obtaining spatial data, and mobile apps using Bluetooth/GPS technology to track firefighters.

We provide a variety of services that can provide benefit to a variety of different types of businesses.

Leadership Team

Mike Wilson
Mike WilsonGIS Director
Mike Wilson is a man that’s up to any challenge. His values are deeply rooted in providing the best for others, especially our clients. With a significant expertise in everything GIS, Mike has assembled a team capable of serving our clients.
Doug Catellier
Doug CatellierProject Manager
Doug is the mastermind behind almost every project. His leadership and integrity have made him respectable not only to his colleagues, but also our clients.
Violet Ridenour
Violet RidenourAdministrative Assistant
The lady who welcomes everyone with a smile. She is well-equipped and ready to help inform you of our center and to guide you towards accomplishing your goals.
Meet the Rest of Our Team

Recent APSU GIS Center Projects

Our Project Management Process


We have the experience needed to help our clients determine a potential project’s feasibility. We help identify business needs, stakeholders, and the business cases.


A successful project requires a roadmap. Utilizing the SMART methodology, we can help develop a project plan.


We focus on delivering value to our clients. We execute projects in a timely and cost efficient manner.


We use Key Performance Indicators to keep our projects on track. All stakeholders are kept abreast of project progression and performance.


We finish strong! Our team delivers on time and goes above and beyond. We use lessons learned to optimize and increase value.

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