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2603, 2015

ArcGIS 10.x and Python

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ArcGIS Python Resources As ESRI has released updated versions of ArcGIS, python has played a more prominent roll.  Python is particularly powerful for process automation.  In the current release of ArcGIS 10.x, python can be [...]

303, 2015

Flood Hazard Mitigation

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Flood Hazard Mitigation The potential for floods is not isolated to costal areas, areas with major bodies of water, or even rivers. The potential for floods occurring with the possibility of property damage, injury and [...]

1401, 2015

What is a Global Positioning System (GPS)?

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What is a Global Positioning System (GPS)? < div class="serendipity_entry serendipity_entry_author_Brent-Clemmons "> < div class="serendipity_entry_body"> The Global Positioning System, or GPS, is the only fully-functional satellite navigation system. A constellation of more than two dozen [...]

2812, 2014

Helpful Android Resources

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Helpful Android Resources Although I am currently doing more iOS development, I did my first mobile apps in Android. Here are several links that I have as my android resources. Android Developers How to Develop [...]