Project Description

The Google Transit project is designed to integrate the Clarksville Transit System (CTS) routes into the Google Transit System for ease of access to public transportation.

With the rapid evolution and expansion of public transportation in Clarksville, Tennessee using Google Transit to analyze and predict the best route possible makes public transportation more convenient and reliable. This project will boost passenger numbers as well as the information those passengers use to go where they need to go in the city. Technologies used to build this project and the needed data include Python, ArcMap, and Microsoft Excel. Python was used to read and write files according to an algorithm which figures the stop times and positions of each stop. ArcMap was used for drawing and plotting shapes which directly correspond to the bus routes of CTS. Microsoft Excel was used to control tables of shape and stop data to output CSV format files.

With this project finished, now anyone with internet access can freely get directions to their next destination via public transportation!