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Austin Peay History Map


Austin Peay History Map Austin Peay State University is located above the Cumberland River on a tract of land that has been utilized as an educational institution for 180 years. Explore the history of Austin Peay through this interactive ArcGIS story map powered by ESRI and created by one of our student [...]

Eclipse 2017 and the Peay-clipse


ECLIPSE 2017 For the first time in over 40 years, the Continental United States experienced a total solar eclipse. Our community experienced totality, turning daylight into twilight,  causing the temperature to drop rapidly and revealing a celestial spectacle around the silhouette of the moon. The APSU GIS Center was happy to support our community and the Peay-clipse events. [...]

Google Transit


The Google Transit project is designed to integrate the Clarksville Transit System (CTS) routes into the Google Transit System for ease of access to public transportation. With the rapid evolution and expansion of public transportation in Clarksville, Tennessee using Google Transit to analyze and predict the best route possible makes public transportation more convenient and [...]

APSU Drone Mapping Program


APSU Drone Mapping Program  Aerial imagery is an integral part of any geographic information system. Thanks to the dropping prices for drones, it has become easier to take high quality aerial imagery. The APSU GIS Center is currently researching better methods and techniques for taking comprehensive low-level imagery by testing in local [...]

Estimote Beacon Tracking


Bluetooth Beacon Technology Firefighters have a difficult job. They risk their lives to help protect the lives and property of others; they manage to do this through the blistering heat and blinding smoke of a fire. The GIS Center recognizes this, and used beacon technology to help make the dangerous job of [...]

AP Connect


AP Connect AP Connect is a messaging application designed to increase a student's connection to the campus community. Traditional students have a great deal of incentive to involve themselves in the campus culture here at Austin Peay; however, nontraditional students do not have as many sources encouraging them to join the APSU [...]

Disaster Mitigation and Recovery Kit (DMARK)


Disaster Mitigation and Recovery Kit (DMARK)  The Department of Homeland Security awarded the APSU's GIS Center and Oak Ridge a $400,000 Grant for the Disaster Mitigation and Recovery Kit (DMARK) Cell Phone App Program - Clarksville, TN Online. The Disaster Mitigation and Recovery Kit (DMARK) is a disaster documentation tool for field use.  This [...]