Over the years,  the center has worked on a variety of GIS, GPS, and Technology projects. We use our experience to bring value to our clients. Solutions do not have to be expensive and complicated. We find simple solutions that maximize limited client resources. APSU GIS researchers, professionals, and student workers collaborate to deliver operational excellence and meet or exceed our commitment to our numerous constituencies.

Meet the APSU GIS Center Staff

Mike Wilson
Mike WilsonGIS Director
Doug Catellier
Doug CatellierProject Manager
Violet Ridenour
Violet RidenourAdministrative Assistant II
Danielle Reeder
Danielle ReederGIS Field Research Technician
Alan Atwell
Alan AtwellGIS Field Research Technician
Mason Cordell
Mason CordellGIS Data Analyst

Meet the APSU GIS Center Student Workers

Michael Hunter
Michael HunterGraphic and Visual Technician
Rachael Perkins
Rachael PerkinsGIS Technician
Bryndon Rhoton
Bryndon RhotonGIS Technician
Justin Harrah
Justin HarrahStudent Programmer
Jack Kauphusman
Jack KauphusmanField Technician

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  • In 1997-1998, the City of Clarksville and Montgomery County entered the State of TN GIS Base Mapping Project Pilot.
  • The pilot created a variety of GIS resources for both the City and County.
  • In order to properly leverage the data, GIS services were needed. The CMC GIS Center was formed.
  • The Center was a joint venture between the City, County, and APSU.
  • From approximately 1998-2004, the Center serviced only Clarksville/Montgomery County.
  • Beginning in 2004-05, the CMC GIS Center began attracting additional clients including Cheatham County and TN Homeland Security District 7.
  • To better reflect the regional nature of the Center, it was renamed the APSU GIS Center.
  • The APSU GIS Center continues to serve as a GIS and technology resource in our region.

Main Office: 601 N Second St. Clarksville, TN 37040
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 4424 Clarksville, TN 37044
Phone: 1.931.221.7500

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