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2007, 2020

Digital Sundial

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History and Function of Sundials Sundials are used to tell time with the sun. Throughout the day, the sun moves across the sky while the Earth orbits it. We’re able to see what time it [...]

807, 2020

APSU GIS Center 3-D Prints Microscope

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Today, average microscopes range from seventy to a few hundred dollars. However, researchers continue to develop more cost-effective alternatives to traditional microscopes. Through the use of different materials, ranging from legos to paper, microscopes are [...]

2306, 2020

The Wetlands Project

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The APSU GIS Center is currently overseeing the Wetlands Project. The center is working with the APSU College of STEM and the Ft. Campbell military base. APSU Biology students are mapping and validating the wetlands [...]

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